Accumulator Head Series Blow Moulding Machines
What you need, you can get it at FKI.

We offers the most suitable Accumulator Head type Blow Moulding Machines for wide-ranging industrial and packaging applications, for storage and transport of hazardous liquids and applications in the packaging fields – in the food and non-food sectors. 

Such as water bottles:10-20lt (35-Gal.), jerry cans:10-30lt, containers: 30-120lt, open top drums: 30-220lt, L-Ring drums: 120-250lt, furniture like table tops, chairs: 75-250cm, 1000lt IBCs, water tanks:250-1000lt, automotive components, air ducts, tool-boxes, suitcase-shells, storage vessels and customized hollow-shaped articles can be tailor-made to design.