Double Layer Accumulator Head Blow Moulding Machine
Double Layer Accumulator Head Blow Moulding Machine

HDPE for making 15 liter up to 30 liter jerry can blow moulding machine or any hollow shaped articles

A tailor made machine to meet specific requirement, and completed with various processing functions, such as pre blow, parison stretch pin device, pinch off device and robot arm to move out the finished products from the clamp area to avoid any manual operation to step into machine working area as a total automation.

Grooved feed extruder for ultra high molecular weight HDPE or polypropylene.

Specially designed for making various sizes of water vessel, water dispenser, air duct, air joint, auto mobile consuit pipe and furniture board.

Resin HDPE (Blow moulding grade)
Products Wheel plate, Barrier , Drum
Driving motor 125HP AC motor with vector inverter
Extruder Screw dia.100 mm, L/D=30:1 x 2 sets
Output Output: 450kg/hr (max. for MARLEX 50100)
Head design Double layer accumulator type, 20 liter, shot weight 14 kg
Die lip size φ450mm diameter (max.)
Clamping plate
( H x W )
1400mm x 1200mm ( H X W )
Clamping force 70tons (700KN)
Clamping distance 400 - 1600 mm
Mould thickness 650 – 1000mm
Tonnage pressure Max. 180 kg/C㎡ (Adjustable)
Push-out unit Fully automatic