All Electric Single Station Blow Moulding Machine For 20lt Jerry Can, 3 Layer
All Electric Single Station Blow Moulding Machine For 20lt Jerry Can, 3 Layer

All Electric Blow Moulding Machine with a single head single station model was exhibited. In compliance to today’s global topic for a friendly environment, low energy consumption, less plastic in use, low carbon footprint.

  • Low energy consumption, less carbon footprint, no pollution, less maintenance cost 25% - 30% less energy can be saved by All Electric machine compared to traditional hydraulic one.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in Plastic
  • Capable to process more recycled grade or PCR in the middle layer of a 3 layer canister. 30% weight reduction can be achieved without compromising the quality from the drop test and stacking stability with an improved design on the shape. With 3 layer structure the use of master batch can be saves around 60-80%. The total saving of plastic in a year is tremendous. In addition, when less plastic being used per canister, with less heat, fast cooling cycle can increase the production rate.
  • Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing control system All production data can be collected and recorded for analysis to improve the production control in many ways:
    * Plastic consumption in virgin grade, regrind grade, master batch
    * Energy consumption data in hour/month/year, Processing condition with alarm signals Preventive maintenance instructions to keep machine always at high working efficiency.
    * Entire system in use is digital communication protocol to deliver accurate readings, also by Oracle MySQL with no size limitation and use Client/Server version can link to 5 users remote at same time.

Machine Model



55/65/55mm, L/D=30:1

Main Drive


Max. Extrusion Output

180 kg/hr

Clamp Force


Platen Size

680mm H x 540mm W

Production Rate