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Charles Wei (FKI president) said that FKI has strong customization capabilities, 60 years of technical heritage + continuous innovation, which can create value for customer products.

Charles Wei emphasized that the "All Electric 3 Layer Blow Molding Machine" capable of producing 20 liters of Jerry can (portable oil drum) will be the company's main model at this year's TaipeiPlas and K Show in Germany;The machine continues to improve, in line with today's themes of environmental friendliness, low energy consumption, low carbon footprint and 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). "All Electric 3 Layer Blow Molding Machine" compared with traditional hydraulic models, that can save more than 25% of energy. It can be described as a model with green energy, energy saving and intelligence.

It is worth mentioning that this model can handle more recycled materials in the middle layer of 3 layers. By improving the shape design, the weight can be reduced by 30% without affecting the quality and stacking stability. With a 3 layer structure, the amount of MB can be saved by 60%, saving a huge amount of plastic every year and effectively reducing costs. And when the amount of plastic used in each process is reduced, the heat is naturally reduced, and the rapid cooling cycle can improve productivity.

In addition, the machine cooperates with the Industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing control system, and all production data can be collected and recorded for analysis, improving production control in many ways.

FKI current products include: Blow Molding Machine, Sheet Making Machine, Laminating Machine, Cast Film Machine and Blown  Film Line. Among them, Blow Molding Machine accounts for more than 50% of the revenue. The key precision components of the machine mainly adopt European and American systems, with both customized and systematic process design.Machines are sold in more than 110 countries around the world, especially in North America and Africa.