Why FKI?
100 Elite team
Our Team
More than 240 employees Fong Kee worldwide deep plowing, especially pro-Taiwan industry's largest R & D team, together with the global market research 20 Acting latest extrusion machinery technology. And a chain of service work, customer service, purchasing, factory service, quality control and other rapid response to market demand, the details of the requirements, not sloppy.
Taiwan industry's largest R & D team, 60 years to maintain 15% of the total company, award-TaipeiPlas multi-session technology Research Excellence Award recognition.
SUPPLY QULITY is our business lifeline!
Through Precision Assembly Techniques,FKI Machines Exhibit Ultimate Performance
FKI's outstanding assembly techniques ensure greater machine performance and higher product quality.Customers also reach higher productivity and encounter minimum trouble.At FKI,we have highly experienced and well-trained assembly technicians,and they are trained to be fully responsible for their job to reduce assembly mistakes to a minimum.Each FKI machine is rigorously inspected prior to shipment.This verifies that highest manufacturing standards are observed.
Customer Service Division
FKI The people,knowledge,experience,dedication, and after sales service to meet your respective needs.
For more than 60 years, FKI have pursued the best possible performance for our machines. Beginning with a dedicated team of design engineers and highly trained manufacturing and quality control personnel, FKI then carefully selects reliable and quality motivated sub-contractors to source the critical raw materials and machine components.FKI preassembly inspection insures that only parts meeting specified standards are used.Each machine is rigorously tested before assembly and delivery to customers.Our technicians conduct the trial with the specific machine to obtain the designed output and performace.